The People of Shambhala Photos by Ricardo Hubbs

Every year a commonly pastoral farm close to fish genus, BC transforms into a town. And whereas the overwhelming majority of these square measure there to bop and revel in the best music the Shambhala Music competition has become illustrious for, you’ll solely imagine what number employees it takes to drag off the event.

People of Shambhala

People of Shambhala

Photos by Ricardo Hubbs

You may or might not just like the music, however come back and verify. seek advice from children, seek advice from previous folks. Meet and mingle and dance with folks from all round the world. Learn from others and provide what insight and laughter you’ll ought to share.

Within the past they’ve enclosed professionals and contractors, students and retirees. If you’ve needed to ascertain out the competition, however weren’t able to dive in as a guest, operating or volunteering at Shambhala is a fantastic chance to participate in what has become one amongst the foremost well-respected and professionally run musical festivals in North America.