THE WORD TV Presents: The Psycheactive Journey EP by Axiom and Aleph 1ne 11.April.2012

It is a brief yet rewarding excursion away from the predictable and still somehow echoes with a distant bellow of familiarity. The journey begins with a warm invitation to melt the borders of convention and cast off into a sea of uncertainty. To activate the psyche and strive to arrive at the self realization of the soul and ultimately an exitsm.

Axiom and Aleph are Hip Hop artists operating out of British Columbia. Individually, they have been working hard at their respective hustles, both having amassed gigantic back catalogues of albums and collaborations.
Axiom is a founding member of Grounded TV, Vancouver Hip Hop band Indigo Kids (with emcee Kapok) and an accomplished solo artist, producer and visual artist. He is also an original Jellyfish Recordings artist.
Aleph 1ne is a member of Cold Residents (with emcee Reflectionz), T.B.A. (with emcee Tokin Blaq), D.R.L.C.T.S (with Reigs Rockwell and Raj Sen). He operates out of his studio “The Saloon” and is involved in many other projects, making beats, mixing and mastering.

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